Electronics need to be properly recycled

Ecycle Pros enables businesses and consumers to meet their social and legal obligations in the treatment of end-of-life electronics by insuring all e-waste is properly recycled.

All computer and telecom equipment is safely dismantled and sorted at our warehouse in Clearwater, Florida.

Ecycle Pros is able to safely process your electronic waste by salvaging the toxic materials and other metals that computers and telecom equipment contain for reuse. These raw materials can then be dispersed to various raw material industries and avoid earths’ landfills, which endanger the environment.

We encourage everyone to support the state’s economy and environment by repairing, reselling, donating, or recycling used electronics. Choosing to recycle used electronics over landfill disposal reduces the need to process raw materials for new products and in turn saves us all money.

We match our passion for innovation with our commitment to sustainability. From improving energy efficiency to reducing e-waste, the consumer technology industry has made remarkable strides in recent years. Providing consumers the tools they need to live a greener lifestyle and make smarter technology choices is an integral part of our commitment.

We know we need batteries for all kinds of technology in our homes, so why do we often overlook battery safety? There are a few important things you need to know about the different types of batteries we use, and the steps you can take to make sure you and your family are using them safely.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Cylindrical Cells have the highest energy density of all rechargeable batteries, and are widely used in laptop batteries, digital cameras, video cameras, e-cigarettes and other portable electronic devices. Misusing Li-Ion cylindrical battery cells is dangerous and may cause serious personal injury or property damage.

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