On-Site E-Waste Removal

Utilize our fast and friendly service to ensure your e-waste is being recycled responsibly. We provide industrial, commercial and residential electronics recycling free of charge with local pickup from your office, school, warehouse or organization’s headquarters. Feel free to use our online scheduling feature or call to schedule an appointment.

On-Site HDD Destruction

Hard drive destruction is available in your service area. To ensure that your sensitive information or trade secrets are not discovered, we will personally pulverize the hard drive to an unrecoverable state. Rates vary depending on number of hard drives. Inquire by phone or send us a message. We also have the ability to provide a Certificate of Destruction verifying the hard drives were destroyed if the service is not provided on-site.

CRT Monitor/TV Recycling

We offer services to remove and recycle your old CRT monitors and television sets. This is the only way to ensure that your monitors do not end up in a landfill and ultimately contaminate our aquifer, ground water supply and environment. Old TV sets as well as CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors contain multiple neurotoxins as well as poisons and contaminants. Improper disposal means these toxic substances can and will leach into the ground.

In-House Electronics Recycling

Feel free to stop by during business hours (8:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday) to drop off any e-waste that is cluttering your home or business!

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